Friday, December 3, 2010

Specialization is for...

In responding to a query re: Essential Item in a Bug-out Bag on Bill Quick's Survival Preps web site, I consulted REI's page on The Ten Essentials. Not sure I really like their new "systems approach" to the ten essentials, as it can clutter the list and may intimidate someone who is new--or their parents, who are footing the bill--but I suppose it appeals to the Yuppies...

Anyway.  Followed a link from that page and found this: ICEBOX Igloo Maker.
Leave your heavy four-season tent at home and use the ICEBOX to build a durable, custom-sized igloo for cozy, comfortable and fun winter outings.
  • Designed to build igloos in any snow conditions--including powder, granular ice, depth hoar and spring slush
  • Produces a self-supporting shape that will not sag or collapse like other snow shelters can
  • Lightweight and durable block form can be adjusted for custom size igloos ranging from 7-11 feet in diameter--sleeps 2-6 people depending on diameter
  • Intelligently designed to take 50% less effort to build than snow caves--builder stays drier and less fatigued
  • Build time is approximately 1.5-3 hours depending on snow quality and quantity

I can't help but wonder what happens when you leave your 4 season tent home and it doesn't snow.  Or you don't want to take the 1.5-3 hours to build your igloo.

UPDATE:  The manufacturer's website.  They're in Colorado.  I'd say "that explains a lot", but, hey, I'm in Washington state...

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