Monday, January 10, 2011

"Dear Jodie Foster..."

Power Line quotes an interview in Mother Jones (!) in which it is revealed that the scum sucking lunatic murderer in Tucson was obsessed with Representative Giffords.  And notes elsewhere that the Washington Post, of all liberal rags newspapers, points out that he was a scum sucking lunatic "with no coherent political philosophy."

Meanwhile, Jim Hoft @ Gateway Pundit shares that Pima County, AZ, Sheriff Dupnik, who had previously opined that the white scum sucking lunatic murderer had attempted to murder the white congresswoman because of racial bigotry, knew that said scum sucking homicidal lunatic had made death threats against various people in and around Pima County, but
assured (them) that he was being well managed by the mental health system. It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved as Jared Loughner has a family member that works for Pima County.
Y'know, Sheriff, I'm pretty sure there are more effective way to CYA than trying to throw the entire Tea Party under the bus. 'Cuz that's pretty much bound to be an exercise in futility...

In the meantime meantime, the gun banners are, of course, dancing in the blood and plotting to ban anything and everything.

I suspect the price of Glock 18 mags just went through the roof...

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