Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gimme an O!

Andrew Breitbart's Big Government reproduces the President’s Remarks at the Memorial Service for the Victims of the Tucson Massacre – As Prepared for Delivery. I'd seen that many on the Conservative side of things had said that it was a pretty good speech, and it looks like it was, but, speech aside...

Didn't watch it. I got home from work and turned on the television to see His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama striking his characteristic, Mussolini-esque, chin up arrogant jackass pose while wild applause went on and switched to something else--the Swing and Big Band "radio" channel in all likelihood, although I don't maintain a diary...

The Powerline Blog guys also said they liked the speech.*

Rivrdog actually seems to have set out to subject himself to it, but was driven away before HIMBHO came on. Still, he comments. (T-shirts?! Really, guys? Pathetic.)

The UofA President came in for criticism.

Also, I have to agree with those skeptical of comparisons drawn between this Tucson multiple murder with, say, 9/11, or the OKC Bombing.  In scale alone, it doesn't compare. I also agree with those who point out the contrast between the approaches (primarily on the left and in the media, but I repeat myself) to this incident and the Fort Hood murders.

UPDATE:  University of Arizona, not Arizona State University.  Never could keep 'em straight.  (Don't tell my nephew, he's attending one of them.  Though now that I think of it, I'm not sure which...)

And here's Malkin's take.  Gateway Pundit looks at HIMBHO's speech, and the overall media circus.  Glenn Reynolds didn't watch it, either, but he has a roundup of those who did.

UPDATE to the UPDATE:  Don't tell my sister that I didn't realize that my nephew GRADUATED from Arizona State (Phoenix) last year...

*In a post that has been removed from the website, but is still in my RSS feeds, the overall spectacle was rated for "Good, bad, and ugly." HIMBHO's speech was "good", as was the appearance of David Hernandez who probably saved Representative Giffords' life, and Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano reading scripture. The bad was the previously mentioned UofA President's speech, and the pep-rally atmosphere. Paul from Powerline was not impressed by the Yaqui Shaman who gave the invocation, but his rating of this as "ugly" drew so much heat that it led to this article being pulled.

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