Saturday, January 8, 2011

It wasn't Me, I Swear!!!

Honest, I wouldn't have the first clue (heh) how to go about hacking North Korea's Twitter account to call for an uprising: "
North Korea's Twitter account hacked to call for uprising
The North Korean government's official Twitter account appears to have been hacked, with the feed calling for an uprising to remove the leaders from power

The microblogging site ranted to its 11,000 followers about huge spending on nuclear weapons and leader Kim Jong-il's lavish drinking parties "while 3 million people are starving and freezing to death."

The country's official YouTube site also seemed to have been hacked, with a cartoon being posted showing Kim Jong Un, the son of the leader, driving in a sports car and running people over.

The tweets, in Korean, were unlikely to harm the internal image of the country, as internet access is widely prohibited.
Good idea, though.
H/t Rantberg.

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