Friday, January 21, 2011

Man Sae!

South Korean raid frees hostage crew from pirates
: "
ALTERNATIVE CROP - In this photo released by the Arabian Navy via Yonhap, South Korean naval special forces operate to rescue crew members aboard the South Korean cargo ship Samho Jewelry in the Arabian Sea Friday, Jan. 21, 2011. In the daring and rare raid, South Korean special forces stormed the hijacked freighter, rescuing all 21 crew members and killing eight assailants in a rare and bold raid on Somali pirates, South Korea said. (AP Photo/Arabian Navy via Yonhap) KOREA OUT, EDITORIAL USE ONLYAP - As dawn broke, South Korean commandos steered their boats to a hijacked freighter in the Arabian Sea. Under covering fire from a destroyer and a Lynx helicopter, they scrambled up ladders onto the ship, where Somali pirates were armed with assault rifles and anti-tank missiles.


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DirtCrashr said...

Go Soko! The Malays, you figure they might know a thing or two about piratin' already...