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Addenda to Letter to WAC II--Updated

UPDATED with Brock Roberts' email to Boyd Kneeland.
Re: WAC open Letter II
Posted by: "Brock Roberts"
Date: Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:31 pm ((PST))

Williams saying anything against GOAL - any statement or actions to this effect - is all I need to label him as an out of control maniac (and obviously there are many more reasons) Without GOAL/Joe Waldron - this state would have more gun regulations than Kalifornia.

Who would be monitoring Olympia?

Who would be taking the undisputed lead in attending bill hearings and speaking eloquently, strategically, truthfully, wisely, accurately and just "plain ol good!"? Has Williams ever been at the front of the line
waiting to verbally take on those committee members?
Who would continue these things even after having to move to Florida? And do it better than any person living in the state?

I have been on the fringe watching WAC (and thus the pro WA2ndA movement) for twenty some years. During that time, Joe Waldron has been _the_ level headed, selfless servant of Washington gun owners and Washington based 2ndA orgs, tireless, most knowledgeable asset to the people of this state.

People need to understand something about WAC. It's just a collecting and show club, right? Not a big deal, right?

SAF, GOAL and CCRKBA and Washington Friends of NRA are what's important - more powerful organizations, right? Well you can dispute what I say but just keep it in mind! If WAC falls EVERYTHING falls. If there were not so many negative connotations about "Bohemian Groove", it is what I would label WAC (

The focus of Washington 2ndA power and energy. In the end, all the power players of WA2ndA converge at - one time or another - or serve WAC. It's where ideas start. It's where rumors are vetted. It is where the minds of the people who keep our rights safe in WA get to relax some-what which energizes synergy, ideas and focus. But the take away from the paragraph is: If you are getting this mail you must vote and care about your vote and keep WAC stable. It is important.

You simply don't need anymore information on WAC board voting choices other than what Joe says.
Boyd Kneeland weighed in. (His email opens with a reference to a message I don't yet have permission cross-post.)
From: on behalf of boyd...
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 8:19 AM
Subject: [wa-ccw] Re: WAC open Letter II

Thank you for sending that Brock.
Reading letter I and II I haven't felt like I could jump in like that because I'm part of what these "leaders" are trying to paint as some kind of evil cabal. But the simple truth is... well it's what Brock said below. {Actually, above. DWD.}
And having been a leader in both WAC and GOAL, to see _that_ painted as a crazy conspiracy to "take over" anything is just upside down and backwards.
Not only would it be barred legally by about 7 different state agencies (many with more guns then I've got ;) but it tears out the heart of what a lot of hard working volunteers have spent an awful lot of time building up. Joe Waldron, as you say, spending -DECADES- at leading gun rights in Washington.
There is not enough LSD in the world to make a Cheshire cat that could believe what these people are shoveling. But the stink scares me anyway.
We shouldn't be about anything personal in this. WAC is a -business- with a rich history of serving the gun community in our state in a LOT of ways.
GOAL is a pac with a tally sheet of achievements that everyone in WAC (everyone in the _gun_community_) should be proud of. We need to install quality leaders in both organizations that respect what the others do, and HELP where it is legally possible. And we need to instill a respect in the existing leaders for the history of service that BOTH of these organizations have. It's a shame anyone ever rose to the level of director without that.
Let's change the leaders so we can get back to business.
Please forward these messages. Hope to see you at the show.

-Boyd Kneeland, Former WAC director, former WAC webmaster, WAC education
committee co chair, GOAL trustee
Gray Peterson also spoke up, with an eye-witness account of the Board Meeting:
From: on behalf of Gray Peterson
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 2:39 PM
Cc: Joe Waldron
Subject: Re: [wa-ccw] WAC open Letter II

I also need to be outspoken here because I actually attended the board meeting where the complaint was basically not heard.

It was referred to the head of the elections committee for an investigation, but we pretty much all know that the results, regardless of the investigation, will result in no expulsion for any director as part of the "Gang of Five".

At the meeting, Williams acted like a kid with his hand caught in a cookie jar. It was his table, yet he isn't responsible for what's on it? He kept blaming EVERYONE else, including an unidentified member of the setup crew? Also, he was more upset with Ray Carter contacting the NRA over the libelous hit piece, _rather than accepting responsibility for what was on his table._

I've never been more disgusted with a non-profit BoD meeting ever in my life, and I've attended many in my times of being an activist. It felt like a bunch of 60 year old men acting like teenagers one quarter their age, which especially goes for William's evasiveness and lack of acceptance of responsibility.

When you're a member of the Board of Directors, you are expected to know the bylaws inside and out. The fact that he blamed others rather than himself, that he didn't recognize the problem, and then is making it everyone elses problem ("well, this other director didn't tell me there was a problem", that's not the point). Again, it's high school-level drama that has no business being in a successful non-profit organization like WAC.

WAC members, vote the slate below in and vote people like Jim and his associates out. We need adults who take responsibility responsibility for their actions, not grown men who act like high schoolers for their own petty purposes.

Washingtonians are, or course, free to make their own choices as to whether or not to support the Washington Arms Collectors, or to vote Joe Waldron's recommendations.

I think it's pretty clear where I stand...

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