Monday, February 7, 2011


Took the day off, we were supposed to take Mrs Drang's aunt to lunch, but she wasn't feeling up to it, so we went alone. 
Palisades in Seattle is our favorite restaurant; seat by the window, looking out over Elliot Bay and the Marina, and the kingfishers and cormorants fishing amongst the holes in the water.   The kingfisher scored, couldn't tell with the cormorant.
Kobe beef burgers and salad.  Even in the lunch size Chocolate Decadence desert was, well, decadent as hell.
The salt was an interesting finishing touch--although, as Mrs Drang said, as rich as it was, a flavor enhancer wasn't really me necessary.
Added:  The above was posted from my Droid using Google's new Blogger app for Android.  Made a couple of minor edits when I got home. First we stopped at Aunt's house and took her to her doctor appointment.

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