Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oooooh, Yeaaaahhh

I didn't really believe it. But David at Random Nuclear Strikes posted the trailer to Part I of Atlas Shrugged, due out April 15. (Of course.)

I see a special Tax Day Tea Party Rally...

ETA:  Just about everybody's running this trailer now, but Uncle Jimbo Blackfive adds a book review as well as some additional thoughts.
...the book itself is a bit of a soup sandwich and is about as subtle as the Hammer of Thor. But that is not the point; this book serves a much bigger purpose than mere literature. It forces you to choose between collectivism and individualism. That is the most important cultural decision anyone makes. The book is designed to point out the absurdity of expecting the best and brightest among us to shackle themselves to the weakest and simply continue to strive out of an imposed sense of obligation. America has the highest level of charitable giving of any country on Earth, but it is not coerced. Those who give do so of their own free will, but that is not good enough for the looters and the moochers. They see the very creation of wealth as oppressive and done through exploitation, and they feel that anyone who accumulates more than they “need” should be forced to share it with those who have not managed to do so. Again, I disconcur.

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