Friday, February 11, 2011

Plagiarism! That's what it is! (Update)

Got up this morning, thinking about The Blog Post that would prove once and for all why the 1911 Haters are misguided... only to sit down with my coffee (and a cat on my chest, thus making it almost impossible to post anyway) to discover that Tamara1 just said what I was going to...

Kindly ignore that fact that she said it much far more eloquently and authoritatively than I could have.  Or that this one post of hers will get more hits than my poor blog will in a week.3

Or a month, for that matter.

I'll have to figure out how to work that plagiarizing someone else's words before they write them thing, and work it on, I dunno, Dave Weber and John Ringo.

Anyway.  The things seen as weaknesses in the 1911 design are all traceable to the fact that it was intended to be a mass-produced military-issued sidearm; just like the mighty M2HB .50 caliber Machine Gun2 (AKA Ma Deuce), it was expected that it would be carried and used under conditions that the word "sub-optimal" does not begin to describe, and shooting ammo that was mass-produced in wartime and might not be manufactured quite as precisely as might be desired on the target range.

I am convinced that, were John Moses Browning (pbuh) alive today, he would be designing firearms using modern materials and techniques that would have Gaston Glock going back to... well, whatever it was he did before coming up with one design for, and hundreds of minor variations on, Tactical Tupperware.
1.  Other wisdom from Tamara on the subject of 1911s can be found at her Subject Tag "19ByGod11"
2.  Disassembly and reassembly of which is a painstaking process, what with not putting the recoil spring through your body, and using the "Go/No Go" headspace and timing gauges...
And the barrel that, when it overheats in the middle of a battle, your choices are three:
  1. Keep shooting and hope it'll last until the battle is over
  2. Wait for it to cool down
  3. Piss on it.  Literally.  You probably already drank your canteens dry, hopefully, your bladder isn't.
3. UPDATE:  As of this morning, Tam's post has more comments than my blog sees in a day.  Good thing I'm only doing this for me...

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Anonymous said...


I followed you over here from a couple of your posts on APN.
Now I follow your blog nearly daily.
And thanks for the info sharing on the WAC board too. I hadn't followed the politics too much and was in a quandry that you and the GC have helped clear up.

Anyway I reckon it is about time I left a comment and told you I enjoy reading you.