Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Something we used to call 'Weather'"

Ran across this satellite image:
A monster storm has paralyzed a big stretch of the United States from Chicago to New York. The first images of the extent of this storm taken from space are becoming available.
NASA's Terra satellite combined three images to create this photo of the storm system. Diagonal lines across the image show the boundaries between the overpasses. White gaps are areas where the sensor did not collect data. The image has a resolution of one kilometer per pixel.
Credit: NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team

Thats a lot of Gorebull Warmening...

In the meantime, William Katz has quoted The ManBearPig his own self swearing on his Nobel that all that snow and ice and cold that just about everybody but us here in Pugetopolis is suffering is due to Global Warming, all the scientists say that when Gaea gets warmer, the temperature will get colder....

Too bad for Vice President Intardt00bz that Mr. Katz also quotes some scientists who disagree, one of whom--"NASA-affiliated meteorologist Roy Spencer"--notes that
As someone who has lived and breathed meteorology and climate for 40 years now, I can assure you that this winter’s storminess in the little 2% patch of the Earth we like to call the ‘United States of America’ has nothing to do with your SUV.
Natural climate variability? Maybe.
But I would more likely chalk it up to something we used to call “WEATHER”.
Go and read it, it's almost Tam-worthy, weapons-grade Snark.

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