Monday, February 14, 2011

Those wacky Orygunians

Oregon's State Senate just made a bid to surpass California, New York, or Illinois as the most gun-hostile state in the Union.

As seen on, SB649

  • Prohibits  manufacturing,  selling  or  rebuilding  firearm  without  chamber  load  indicator.
  • Prohibits  manufacturing,  selling  or  rebuilding  semiautomatic  pistol  without  magazine  disconnect mechanism.
  • Prohibits  removing  or  disabling  chamber  load  indicator  or  magazine  disconnect  mechanism.
  • Punishes  violation  by  maximum  of  one  year’s  imprisonment,  $6,250  fine,  or  both.  Punishes  sub-sequent  violations  by  maximum  of  five  years’  imprisonment,  $125,000  fine,  or  both.
  • Becomes  operative  January  1,  2013.
Text in .pdf format on the State website.

Note that the prohibitions involved apply to anyone; while they are not absolute prohibitions on possession--i.e., your older guns would be grandfathered--you couldn't sell or modify your own guns.

Note also that, any existing firearm that did not have any of those "features" could not "rebuilt" unless those "features" were added.  I suspect this means that I couldn't have new sights put on my Model 625.

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