Saturday, February 5, 2011

WA House Bills 1628 & 1638

Referencing my previous post (GOAL Post 2011-5 (Includes some Fed info)), Joe Waldron later explained the differences between bills 1628 and 1638 thusly:
The two bills overlap.  Both deal with how a background check for a CPL is conducted.

HB 1628 comes from DSHS, and deletes a DSHS background check for a CPL in favor of a NICS background check (which contains some mental health data.)  HB 1638, from WASPC, mandates successful passage of a NICS check (broader data base) vice the previous NCIC data base (criminal history only, not all the prohibited categories contained in NICS).

Technically both are a step backwards, in that they in effect adopt more restrictive federal disqualifiers vice Washington state only disqualifiers.  In practice, you can still be prosecuted by the feds for "prohibited person in possession" even though you pass a WA-state-only background check.

On the plus side, if the wording is approved by BATFE, it would waive the requirement for a NICS check at the time of purchase if an individual holds a current, valid CPL.

More if I get it.

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