Thursday, March 10, 2011

RINO Alert!

So, Rep. Peter King, R-NY, is holding court hearings on Radical Islam.

Some, of course, would have it that this automagically qualifies him for a white sheet and a burning cross.

Others, of course, feel that an investigation into the connections between Muslim extremists and terrorism is long overdue.

The former often point out that Congresscritter King seems to be just fine with terrorism, as long as it speaks with a nice lilting brogue, and is fond of a Guinness.

Roberta has some other facts about Mr. King.  Some are merely silly--most will not care if the government sells off a portion of the Amateur Radio bands, no matter how it may hypothetically impact emergency/disaster response.  ((As hams, Bobbi and I view this with some alarm, of course.)

Others rate on the savoriness scale down there with approving of some flavors of terrorism, but disapproving of others.  On the order of using the Constitution to blow his nose on, if not more graphic metaphors.

RINOs delenda est!

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