Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Universal what, now?!

Maybe it's because I am a product of the Rust Belt, but I was never into the Surf Sound.
Apparently, Jan Berry of Jan and Dean wasn't too impressed with the anti-war movement in the '60s.

The more things change...
h/t Daily Pundit.

Added:  Original title of post changed due to inability to substantiate a remembered claim regarding William Jan Berry's military service. 
The song is a parody of the folk protest song "The Universal Soldier".  It will come as no surprise that I never cared for the song.  It seemed to assume that there was no moral difference between the defender and the invader, for one thing; the whole debate over "just and unjust war" is fraught with peril, but this moldy oldie ignores the question altogether.

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