Saturday, March 26, 2011

South of the Border...

Rantburg points us to Global Politician's interview with Scott Gulbransen, Author of
"The Silent Invasion" describing Marxism, terrorism, intelligence operations, covert economic warfare, corruption and enemy operatives in Latin America. Gulbransen makes a stunning case that the rumors about units of Chinese, Cuban, Russian, and North Korean nationals being in Mexico, engaging in various anti-American activities. Armed with enough investigation, facts and eyewitness reports to make any defense lawyer whimper, Gulbransen reveals a fraction of the frightening truth about what is going on south of the border, where all threats to the USA mingle. With an overwhelmed and overestimated intelligence community, it is people like Gulbransen who we can rely on to finally notice these things.
If his allegations are true--and I see no reason to believe that they are not true--then Mexico is host to a myriad of agents working against our national interest.

Not that having a myriad of agents in Mexico working against the United States' national interest is anything new.

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