Thursday, April 7, 2011

1911 Day, Take Two

Ok, gave up on finding the charger for the digital SLR, and went and bought one--and a spare battery, too.  Some pricey stuff, there.

Anyway.  Here are the Befores and Afters of Dave Nielson's excellent work.  Clicking the picture should get you a large picture...
"Before." Yes, that top grip screw bushing is missing; it was already stripped out, and stuck to the grip panel when I removed it.
"Before", stock Colt Combat Commander rear sight, with a dab of allegedly "high visibility" paint.
New rear sight--Novaks.
Old front sight--stock
New front sight--also Novaks
New sight picture--no, I'm not a southpaw, I was holding the camera in my right hand.
Before--just looking at that grip safety makes my hand hurt...
Extended beavertail.  Look, Ma, no slide bite!
Hogue's Ivory Polymer, from Midway USA. 
Pretty enough for open carry...

I was trying different camera settings, never really messed around with different settings on the DSLR before. Hope the multi-cam doesn't make for too confusing a background, thought of that late, which is why a couple of the pics have a towel as background...


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Looks good to me! IMO the multicam background is fine, the brightness could be upped a bit.