Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy (Belated) 1911 Day!

Picked up my Combat Commander from Dave Nielson at Southridge Arms and Refinishing yesterday morning.

As soon as I uncover the Safe Place where I put the DSL battery charger in the move, I'll post more pics, including before-and-after comparisons.  For today, however, my usual mad, leet photography skillz elude me with the cell phone and camera mode on the Kodak Z3 camcorder.

In other words, today I'm more of a fauxtographer...

 Anyway.  Work done:
  • Novak sights
  • Ed Brown extended beaver tail grip safety
  • KG Gun-Kote, semi-matte black
  • Trigger job
  • Re-staking the pivot pin and one of the grip screw bushings
The grip panels are new, too.  Going with ivory polymer seems to have been a good choice with that finish.  I may start open-carrying...

Here's the first target from the quick range trip.

Still shooting low, but that's on me.  At least I can see the sights now, to put all (well, most) of the rounds on the target!  Even at 25 yards, my flyers (about one per mag) were close enough to the silhouette that I can tell myself that I am simply getting used to the feel of the gun, and new sights.

I put about 100 rounds through it in half an hour or so, and "Look, Ma, no slide bite!"  Folks who were at GBR-V are able to attest to the fact that the web of my right hand looked hamburger after our Steel Challenge match Saturday AM.


DirtCrashr said...

Very nice! I bet you're glad for the lack of bite - it should sting only at one end.

Drang said...

I put a couple of mags of defensive (JHP) ammo through it, and the difference from the PMC and Magtech hardball was obvious.
But bareable.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the grips? I'm thinking that instead of a whole new 1911 for the 100 year anniversary I'll get some new grips for the PT1911

Drang said...

Midway USA.

Drang said...

I should have said, "They're Hogues, I got them from Midway USA."