Monday, May 9, 2011

Irony in Government

I realize that the odds that someone not related to me will read this blog and not View From The Porch or Snowflakes in Hell are slim, but just in case, courtesy both of those, I present you a photo from Gun Free Zone that is so full of irony that, as one commenter put it, it
is so thick that you have to think that the maybe they did it on purpose.. as a joke…And then cry when you realize they didn’t.
That's right:  "Barcelona City Council. 500 meter zone under surveillance. George Orwell Square."

Of course, in a nation where legislation designed to ensure that a vote as to whether workers should be "allowed" to unionize produces a "yes" vote is entitled the "Workers Free Choice Act", irony in government is a familiar concept.

Or should be.

UPDATE: For some reason, the pic doesn't want to display on my screen reliably.  So, again, the original link is HERE.

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DirtCrashr said...

The irony is so tremendous you could power a Prius!