Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moar Wookie-Suiter Radio

Granted the Jacobites would hardly fit in at a Tea Party Rally today, they were all for Royal Privilege, their conception of "Liberty" was "free to ha'e some French laddie lord it o'er us, not a German one."  Then again, the original version said so; it was Robbie Burns' version that became a Jacobite anthem.


Here's a bit from Mudcat Cafe about "Liberty."  Again, "liberty" is being defined as in The Declaration of Arbroath, "free from foreign, not domestic, tyrants princes."

Stirring anyway, and the sentiment translates well.


Nancy R. said...

Swwet Daughter and I are enjoying these. (She is not belting out "Scotland the Brave", more or less.) Thanks for posting!

Nancy R. said...

*NOW* belting out. Sheesh.

Drang said...

Flower of Scotland rocks. (I believe it was the official song of the Scottish Independence Movement.)