Saturday, June 25, 2011

Field Day SitRep

First QSL, 1810Z. (ADDED: 1110 Pacific Daylight Time.  Ten minutes into Field Day.)  Not me, I was with the antenna clown show...

Later, we had to change the antenna because the Guy In Charge--again, not me-- got disoriented and ran the dipole so we were radiating north-south, not east-west, thus ensuring that we will get plenty of contacts fro Oregon, California, and British Columbia (which we have no trouble getting anyway) but none "back east."

New antenna, so chalk it up to learning stuff.

Later still, we were only running maybe half the contacts we made last year, as of dinner time.  Pretty much shut down for chow, bought it back up afterward, and the bands were opening up.  Unfortunately, the Least Coast stations were coming in, but not hearing us on 20 meters, where I was operating.  Gave up and started to shut down and pack up, turned out our 80 meter station was kicking ass.

While everyone else was packing up.  "Just one more QSL!"

I'm thinking that maybe next year we should consider running 24 hours, if we can get folks interested.

And the club has a new trophy, which used to be a grounding rod, but is now a 4 foot length of copper rod with a 90 degree bend in the middle...

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TheMinuteman said...

We ran for 24. We did it in shifts. The "Get on the Air" station shuts down at night, but the main station ran through the night thanks to one intrepid soul who's a night owl.

Sorry you guys weren't having much luck with the bands. We actually pushed out to CT, and ENY on 10 meters. The other op and I sat there shocked since we both considered it a "lost cause" to be on 10. Made most of our contacts on 15 meters. Did a bunch on 20 but it was just too crowded when I was bouncing through there.

The guy who ran it over night I know was planning on doing lots of 40m, 80m, and 160m as well. Don't know what our final count was before we left though. Glad you had a fun.