Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the Important Of Being earnestly Prepared

Instapundit: DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Reader Brian Durant emails…
Professor Reynolds- I am a long time reader, but have never emailed you. Many times you have mentioned the need to be ready for disaster including having a “bug out” plan with bags ready, etc. Last THURS evening we learned the lesson the hard way. A wildfire forced us to evacuate our house in about 15 minutes- we grabbed a few valuables, a change of clothes, some toiletries, and headed out thinking we’d be gone for a couple of hours. More than 36 hours later were we were allowed to return. Fortunately thanks to God and some great volunteer firefighters, our house was spared. During the time away, I spent a lot of time trying to determine what I should have taken, would need to replace, etc.
Professor Reynolds gives many links to tips, load lists, etc.

I would like to think that neither of the folks who read these blatherings are so unaware of just how fragile our society has become that they can't be bothered to get a bug out bag together...
Surely they're not afraid of what the neighbors would say?!

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