Monday, July 18, 2011


Re; Bearcat's post @ Bearcat's Spin: Yum, Yum! and for a Good Cause.
Here are some of the pics I took:
Seattle Waterfront.  The White Arches are QWest Field, with Safeco Field behind it them, and, of course, the Official Bird of the Port of Seattle, the Orange Crane.

Veracci Pizza had their mobile brick oven...  and a loooong line!

The waterfront from the edge of the Pier where the event was held.

Same, looking north-west-ish, towards the cruise terminals. (Actually, the hall the event is in is used for cruise ship disembarking, Customs and Immigration checks, etc.)

The famous Cherry and Irish Cake Bombs.

Just to prove we were in Seattle...

Out towards Puget Sound.  Seattle is actually on Elliot Bay.  FWIW.

How to be The Most Popular Guy at the picnic...

Show up wearing Pike Brewery's Backpack Keg dispensing Naughty Nellie...
Not pictured:  I dunno.   Lots of stuff.  Sampled wines from Fess Parker--yes, that Fess Parker, RIP--and Epiphany, owned by his son, Eli.   It was actually Fess Parker's wines which got us into wine as a hobby. We also sampled wines from  
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle,  
  • Columbia Winery,  
  • Cypher Winery,  
  • Zaca Mesa Winery ("Just up the hill from Fess, you should have stopped by...")

Urbane at Olive/8 had Lamb meatballs with a spicey yogurt, very tasty.  Brasserie Margeux had Red Wine Poached Summer Figs, ditto.  Bearcat's former employer, Charlie's Produce, had a very tasty (hmm, have to work on variety...)Watermelon and Feta salad. Salty's Seafood Grill, Oregon Bay Shrimp Louie.  Barking Frog at Willows Lodge had the Jivara Cremeux/Peanut Butter Powder/Caramel Mousse with Fleur de Sel--fancy pudding, to this midwest working class guy.  But, uh, yummy.  And Half Pint Homemade Ice Cream had Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet.  We tasted others, but these made an impression.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Have to keep an eye out for that next year, looks like a fun event. Plus, of course, good chow!
-Erik from Seattle