Friday, July 22, 2011

The Latest from the 'Splodey Glock Front

So, earlier this week, a post from somewhere arose in which it was stated that Glocks were detonating a round which was being ejected, apparently by the ejector striking the primer.  This caused all kinds of head scratching, mostly, I suspect, by folks who follow sound practices when it is time to eject live rounds.

Predictably enough, Tamara identifies the unsafe procedure which is causing this phenomenon (*ka-POP!*), and points out that it applies to just about any semi-auto handgun if the shooter is attempting to catch the round as it is ejected.
If the live round doesn’t fully eject because some goober has his hand over the ejection port to prevent his valuable 23¢ investment in a round of FMJ lest it get dirty by hitting the ground, and his hand slips or he runs the slide back and forth and back and forth, it is possible for the extractor or ejector or even a corner of the ejection port on some designs to bust the cap and fill his hand with shrapnel from the casing.

Don’t try and catch the round you’re ejecting. Don’t put your hand over the ejection port. Keep your hand away from it and let the round fall on the ground.
Comments are also very educational.  (And I do mean "educational" as in "Gee, I didn't know that!", not "Wow, they let you play on the internet?!)"


D.W. said...

I've seen goobers do this up at Knob Creek. I stand as far away as possible, hoping to avoid the potential spray of shrapnel. As the saying goes, you can't fix stupid.


DirtCrashr said...

Reading Scott Reitz's new book "The Art of Modern Gunfighting" he talks about doing this administrative, un-loading thing: dropping the magazine, then with the 1911/semi-auto tilted to the right, with the support hand cupped over the ejection port, racking the slide and catching the LAST round that falls out the port. Not fancy or showy - but as a check, ensuring that *now THIS gun is NOT loaded* - but that's with a gun that has not been speeded-up with a fancy competition extractor and stuff.