Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nice info

CTone pointed out a link to Concealed Carry Tailoring Tips.

Looks like an interesting site and service, too, although I don't see myself ever having any need for a custom, bespoke suit, and certainly not one I order over the internet for upwards of a grand.  Mind you, I bought several bespoke suits before I retired, but I was in Korea, so the price was, well, lower by about one order of magnitude.  Never having handled a thousand dollar suit, I can't speak as to the relative quality of workmanship or materials.

Read Chris's thoughts on "dressing for success" a while back, and, well, again, I can't see myself ever having need for a thousand dollar suit, or a hundred (or more!) dollar dress shirt.

Part of that's may be living in the Seattle area; if we go to a show or what you would expect to be a formal dinner party, I'm usually about the only one in a suit.  Bankers don't wear suits here.  Which I was pointedly informed of when I started my job search, and showed up for a coaching session in a three piece suit with "power tie."

And ya' know what?  That's fine.

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