Thursday, July 14, 2011

"The White House Gun Control Initiative of 2011"

Linoge has a look at walls of the city

Legislation by executive diktat order? Yeah, we got that. Using the "Guns bought in US Gun Shops flowing to Mexico? Yeah, we got that. So, yeah, the various "Gunwalker" operations were, in fact, setting us up for more "better" gun control.

Oh, and good luck getting Congress to take this sitting down, there, President Emo. Even your biggest BFFs among the Democratic and RINO Caucuses--Cauci?--will almost certainly take a dim view of your changing Federal Regulations that are their purview.


Afterthoughts:  Is His Imperial Majesty really stupid enough to think he can get away with this, or is it intended to distract from the budget/debt/deficit/economy?  Do they really think they can get away with the Big Lie of maintaining that "most crime guns in Mexico come from US gun shops, even when we know most of them come from the Mexican military and law enforcement, not to mention the various Gunwalker schemes?  Will Lassie finally Timmy stay in that damned well?  Tune in next week!

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