Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogstuff, + more on the Fed Audit

In comments to my immediately previous post, "...never mind...", Carl Bussjaeger pointed out that, when I edited the post for something-or-other, all links turned into links to edit the post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Carl, like I said in comments there, I had noticed issues, but had caught them early enough before that I was able to correct them. (They are corrected now.)

I have Posted a query about this issue on Blogger's help forums. I may have to stop using Chrome to post/edit, which would be annoying, because otherwise, Chrome works better for me on my netbook, and, frankly, sometimes it is nicer to sit in the easy chair with the netbook in my lap--often propped up on a cat!--and a frosty beverage by my side, not-watching TV and chatting with Mrs. Drang, all while blogging. (Or Facespacing...)
Here's a link to Senator Sanders (NOT "SaUnders") on the Fed Audit:
The Fed Audit - Newsroom: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont)

I actually suspect that many of these payments were known, sort of, but no one actually looked at the gestalt. If they go back to '07, were any of them included in TARP? Digging through my archives, you will see that I reluctantly came around to a half-hearted agreement that TARP--that is, the original, George W. Bush bail-outs--might be necessary in some cases. The cases I was thinking of were in industries like agriculture, fisheries, and the like where the small(ish) operator takes out a loan at the beginning of the operating cycle to do essential repair, upkeep, or replacement of critical equipment, or purchase critical supplies (seed, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer), and then pays off the loans at the end of the cycle (i.e., harvest, selling the catch), and hopefully has enough to live off of until starting the cycle again next year.

I am indebted to Mrs. Drang, who happens to carry certifications in the commercial credit industry for patiently explaining this to me.

There may be a better way to do business in these fields, but, if we let that system fail, people would be dying while we figure out the replacement.

And, no, I am not entirely unbiased, what with my wife's job having something to do with the matter.  (No, her employer did not get any bailout money, at least, not directly.  Indirectly?  I dunno, they deal with banks that may have, I never asked.  Also, this credit stuff is not her entire job.  But, if the fisheries collapse because the fishermen can't get the loans to maintain their equipment or buy provisions, then, yeah, her job might count on it.  So, not entirely unbiased.)


Carl-Bear said...

Thanks for the links assist.

I left a reply on the other post. I edit my posts manually in HTML, and don't seem to have this problem. If you're using the WYSIWYG editor, it's probably buggy (I've noticed some odd stuff when attempting to post images with it).

I've tried Chrome (my main computer is a cheap, used netbook; budgets suck), but it spent more time talking to Google than it did letting me browse. Been meaning to try one of the third party variants that stripped out a lot of the Google back channel comm, but just haven't gotten around to attempting the downloads on my dialup connection.

Drang said...

Issue seems like a recent development, so to speak.
I'm wondering if it is one or all of the following:
1) Update to Chrome
2) Update to Blogger
3) Add-ons to Chrome
4) Update to Win7

Hope it's not the Windows 7, some of the amateur radio programs will only run on Windows, I'd prefer to maintain compatibility with the rest of the club/EmComm org', and don't want to (take the time to) learn Linux and whatever emulator program I'd need...