Monday, August 22, 2011

Chick 'n' Guns

Katey's Firearms Facts, a Canadian YouTube Channel.
My thoughts on Canada's gun laws, our gun registry, and self-defense. Despite what our politicians try and tell us, EVERYONE has the right to self-defense.
Looks like she's working on a blog-thing, too...


DirtCrashr said...

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The American Women you describe are Liberal Women, a sub-swepcies of the American Gal - New York? Who'd ever marry a NewYawker, Portland/Seattle is Hippie-fruit, and California...gawd!?
You need to spend more time in Texas.

Drang said...

Hey, Mrs. Drang is from Seattle! Well, South King County.

Anyway, don't feed the troll.

Drang said...

Troll comment reported, removed. (In case anyone is wondering about the apparent non sequitur of Dirt's comment...)