Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hot chicks, at that, at least by our local standards.

There's been a swallows nest by the front door for as long as Mrs. Drang remembers.  When we had the new roof put on before moving in, the roofers knocked the old nest down--couldn't really avoid it--but it was early enough in the season that they just re-built it and went back to work.

Make for an exciting time going  in and out  the door, although they have gotten used to us and, as long as we don't dally, won't usually make a big fuss.

Unless a cat gets out.

We also hung a couple of bird feeders at the front of the house, wasn't sure how they'd feel about other species coming to feed but they don't seem to be too worried.  (Although I did scare away a raccoon, coming home from work last night...)

This year they double-clutched, and here are a couple of the younger siblings.  I know for  a fact that when I got up yesterday morning, there were four gaping mouths demanding to be fed; Mrs. Drang says she saw a couple of the older clutch trying to climb back into the nest to get a treat, as well...

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