Friday, August 12, 2011


So, what with Englishman no longer being allowed to defend themselves from ruffians and rogues and rioters--BTW, if they have blackberries and iphones and other smart phones, they are hardly downtrodden, and if they use same to coordinate their riots and looting, then it's not rioting and looting, it's bloody insurrection, so get with the program!--reference has been made to the following poster from WWTwice:

h/t Englishman's Castle--and the response in his comments was... underwhelming.
Consensus:  "We sent you guns last time, and not only did you not return them when you were done with them, you melted them down, and then made sure no one Over There could ever have any of their own ever again.  Sod off!"

I was reflecting on this earlier today, and started thinking about how WWI was pretty stupid all around, and we really needn't have bothered, and, while WWII was pretty unavoidable, it may not have worked out as well as it could have, and I realized:  Here I've been criticizing Ron Paul's foreign policy stance all this time, and now I'm channeling him.

Ready for my Wookie Suit fitting, Mr. Dr. Paul...

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