Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Vote--UPDATE

Courtesy Liberty Belle (on Facebook) a state-by-state roll call of the vote on Boehner's Crap Sandwich.

Washington's delegation:
Democrats _ Dicks, Y; Inslee, Y; Larsen, Y; McDermott, N; Smith, N.
Republicans _ Hastings, Y; Herrera Beutler, Y; McMorris Rodgers, Y; Reichert, Y.

I don't know which I find more surprising, that "Baghdad Jim" McDermott and Adam Smith voted against, or that "RINO" Reichert  voted for...

A breakdown by party.  Note that it is being characterized as a vote for-or-against "budget cuts."

Which I find puzzling.  Are there adult human beings out there who are so naive that they really think that the promise that future congresses will cut $22 Billion from future budgets will really fix anything?  The (Democrat-controlled) Senate hasn't passed a budget in over two years, who's to say they'll obey the law and do their Constitutionally-mandated duty in the future?

That article actually points out how this really is still "business as usualy" in DeeCee:

If you look on the list of roll call votes taken by the House of Representatives that’s maintained by the Library of Congress for a vote on the debt ceiling increase legislation passed by the House this evening, you won’t find it. There’s nothing with the word “budget” or “cuts” or “spending” or “debt ceiling” to be found there.
What you will find is a vote on S. 365, a bill “to make a technical amendment to the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002″. That’s because, in order to rush legislation to increase the debt ceiling and mandate immense cuts to important programs throughout our country’s federal government, without many people having the chance to actually read the bill, Speaker of the House John Boehner had to cut and paste the budget bill into a sacrificial piece of legislation that had already been moved forward toward consideration by the entire House of Representatives. S. 365, in spite of its title in the roll call, is the budget deal.
Just vote "No" to incumbents.

UPDATE:  Or, as Peter says, We are so screwed.

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