Thursday, September 15, 2011

Individual right (self-defense) v. States' rights (sovereignty)

IT’S H.R. 822: Quick Summary of the Proposed National Right to Carry Act. …

I go back and forth, and worry it might encourage some states, especially those with discretionary ("may issue") carry laws, to repeal even those.  Hawaii, for example, is "may issue", but is effectively as "no issue" as Illinois.

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elmo iscariot said...

S'okay. First, it puts those states on the defensive: instead of gun rights activists needing to fight to overturn bad laws, anti-gun activists have to fight to pass them. They may win, but it's better to make them fight than let them sit back and relax.

Second, it's a near certainty that SCOTUS will rule states can't ban carry outright, so any anti-carry wins they get will be temporary. They'll be running just to stay in place, and will slip back anyway.