Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notice, courtesy Seattle Tea Party

**Heads Up** Day of Rage (Flash Mob targeting Seattle)


I wanted to make everyone aware of a nationwide effort called the Day of Rage that could be impacting us locally. They want to harm fellow Americans by bringing banks and/or businesses to a halt by creating flash mobs across America, including Seattle. They are trying to organize millions of progressive/SEIU/Fuze people nationwide to physically disrupt operations of businesses. Stephen Lerner is behind this along with Acorn founder Wade Rathke targeting U.S. Capitalism.

They literally are advertising and encouraging the formation of dangerous flash mobs: http://usdayofrage.org/public-announcements/125-seattle-protest-sept17-occupywallstreet.html
This is just for your information, please note the planned Seattle disruption. Here is the web site: http://usdayofrage.org/
My personal opinion: High road on this, these are people we should not counter demonstrate, and encourage further chaos and/or possible violence.

Woody Hertzog

WA State Coordinator
Tea Party Patriots

But we're the "terrorists" that "Obama's Army" of union thugs need to get out of here.  Right.

So, yeah, Woody is absolutely correct, if you see these goons acting up, do not engage.  A counter-demonstration is not called for.  A portable video-recording system is--to be extra sure, if you have a smart phone with a video app, get an  additional app like Qik or UStream which allows you to live-stream the video, so it goes out live as it is happening.

And, of course, be prepared to defend yourself if necessary.


DirtCrashr said...

Engaging them is the very slight excuse they just need to go-off on a rampage. They're itching for a fight.
Defend yourself as necessary.

Drang said...

Note that September 17th is a Saturday...