Tuesday, September 13, 2011

QOTD, 09/13/2011

So, when we moved from Alte to Neue Schloss Drang, my Sony eBook Reader got packed away safely, and I just excavated it last week. At that time, I was most of the way through the copy of Tros of Samothrace that I had downloaded from Mobile Read Forums; naturally, I had to start over.

Each chapter starts with a quote from (for the first half) the Druid Taliesen, or (later) Tros himself.

Here is the chapter heading for Chapter One:
These then are your liberties that ye inherit. If ye inherit sheep and oxen, ye protect those from the wolves. Ye know there are wolves, aye, and thieves also. Ye do not make yourselves ridiculous by saying neither wolf nor thief would rob you, but each to his own. Nevertheless, ye resent my warning. But I tell you, Liberty is alertness; those are one; they are the same thing. Your liberties are an offense to the slave, and to the enslaver also. Look ye to your liberties! Be watchful, and be ready to defend them. Envy, greed, conceit and ignorance, believing they are Virtue, see in undefended Liberty their opportunity to prove that violence is the grace of manhood.
– From the Sayings of the Druid Taliesan
Author Talbot Mundy led an interesting life, and may have been a bit of a rogue; you are probably most familiar with his work through the movie version of his book, King of Khyber Rifles. (Although it shared little more than the title or the hero's name with the book.)

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The Wiki entry sounds interesting since I am reading a very good book on the Vikings by Robert Ferguson.