Sunday, October 2, 2011

Biden was wrong

THIS is a big frackin' deal:  Instapundit » Blog Archive » NPR: New Boom Reshapes Oil World, Rocks North Dakota. “Two years ago, America was importing about …

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Azreel said...

That part of North Dakota is pretty crazy right now, and portions of Texas and Pennsylvania are undergoing the same thing.

The best way I can describe it is as a modern day Boom Town, albeit without (hopefully) the subsequent bust.

While the rest of the nation is suffering from record levels of unemployment, North Dakota and Texas are enjoying, in some areas, negative unemployment. Even unskilled laborers in fast food restaurants are bringing in $15-$20 an hour, with as much overtime as they care to work.

In the meantime, Obama (and the EPA) are trying to quash all drilling on federal lands, including tribal lands and reservations (which hold a LOT of oil in North Dakota) because of concerns over air quality.

Are they worried about escaped gas, or toxic organic hydrocarbon emissions? Of course not. The number of incidents of those releases are far too small. No, they're concerned about the "greenhouse gas" emissions from diesel powered generators, pumps, and flared off gas.