Monday, October 31, 2011

Most transparent administration EVAHR!!!

Justice Department Proposes Letting Government Deny Existence Of Sensitive Documents | Fox News
Justice Department officials say the practice has been in effect for decades, dating back to a 1987 memo from then-Attorney General Edwin Meese.

In that memo, and subsequent similar internal documents, Justice Department staffers were advised that they could reply to certain FOIA requests as if the documents had never been created. That policy never became part of the law -- or even codified as a federal regulation -- and it was recently challenged in court.
I don't care if the "practice" DOES go back to the Reagan administration. I don't care if it goes back to President WASHINGTON! This crap actually has me agreeing with the ACLU!
When the new comment period began, the American Civil Liberties Union became one of the most vocal critics of the proposal. Mike German, Policy Counsel with the ACLU, authored a lengthy letter in opposition.

"It's shocking that you would twist what is supposed to be a statute -- that's supposed to give people access to what the government is doing -- in a way that would allow the government to actually mislead the American public," German told Fox News.
Every day in every way the government is getting a little worse...

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