Monday, October 24, 2011

Pajamas Media » Is Another Conflict Coming to Korea?

Pajamas Media » Is Another Conflict Coming to Korea?
Check out this Stalinist Red Square-style military parade video:

BTW, that picture at the top of the page is of two Republic of Korea Army tanks, probably the K1 (marketed internationally as the K88, named for the year the Olympics were held in Seoul), although I understand they have moved on at least one, maybe two models since then. As far as "Are we prepared?", well, we used to say that the US was in Korea to keep the ROKs from going north more than to keep the commies from coming south. By the time I retired, we were being told unofficially that they (the ROKs) mostly wanted us for logistics and intelligence support. They didn't need help as far as ground warfare was concerned.
I left Korea over ten years ago, of course, so things may have changed...

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