Monday, October 31, 2011

Rob McKenna for Governor!

Of course, he's running already.

Challenge of ruling lands McKenna in new beef | Seattle Times Newspaper

What really got my attention about this article about the Washington state Attorney General, though, was the lede:
State Attorney General Rob McKenna's office is backing an appeal of a federal-court ruling about how logging roads are managed to protect clean water. Political opponents say he's again ignoring the wishes of fellow state leaders, as in two previous instances.
Do I need to add, "emphasis added"?

He's the state AG, it's not his job to make decisions based on "the wishes of fellow state leaders", you frigging twits, it's his job to make decisions in the best interest of the State of Washington, based on the Constitutions of the United States and Washington, and the Law.

Olympia in 2012, DC in 2020?

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