Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Veritable Carnival of Useful Idiocy

Here are a bunch of links for that Occupy wall Street thing, last seen here in Activism Fail:
Gateway Pundit: Occupy Wall Street Imbeciles Release 13 Demands Including “$20 Minimum Wage” and “Across the Board Debt Forgiveness For All”
And to prove that they really are imbeciles, Mr Hoft gives us
Gateway Pundit: Occupy Wall Street Website: “Stop Listing Demands” We Look Like Complete Imbeciles
Sort of a cross between the revolutionaries in Harry Harrison's Bil, The Galactic Hero--all of whom but one were undercover agents--and the freedom fighters in The Life of Brian.  Splitters!

Yep, pretty inept all around:
Gateway Pundit: ‘Occupy Sacramento’ Loons Lash Out at Reporters For Asking Questions About Their Protest
Y'know, if it's true, as many (including me) have suggested, that George "Billionaire Bolshevik" Soros is behind this it may just serve to prove that good minions are hard to find...

In Boston:
More of that "new tone of civility":
Instapundit » ‘Time to kill the wealthy,’ says fan of Occupy wall Street…
Wasn't it Roseanne Barr who said something like that just a few days ago?  Well, what about this:
Michelle Malkin » Celebs Supporting Wall Street Protesters Know a Little Bit About Wall Street  
The usual suspects...

Similarly, in Down With Evil Corporations! | Power Line shares an image seen on Facebook:

Speaking of ineptitude and exploiting the working man:
Instapundit: ASTROTURF: Organizer admits to paying ‘Occupy DC’ protesters 
The only ones paid to attend Tea Party rallies were media, infiltrators, or SEIU "Purple People Beaters."  Including the minorities.

Speaking of unions...
Instapundit: JAMES TARANTO: Occupy Wall Street, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Finally, an overview from Power Line Occupy Wall Street?

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