Friday, November 11, 2011


Armistice Day. Veteran's Day. Remembrance Day. Poppy Day.

This video seems appropriate this year:

"My Buddy."  Not explicitly about "Army Buddys", but that's the generally accepted tone of the song:

Last year I posted some Kipling, a few videos for our friends in the Anglosphere ("A Pittance of Time..."), and, of course, "...And saved the sum of things for pay.".

in '09 I posted the lyrics to GI Jive, and, of course, Mike Royko's definitive Veterans Day Post: Best Veteran's Day Post E-var! Ironically, I'll be working on Friday...

In 'o8 I posted about some emergency communications training I was involved in (What I Did On My Veteran's Day), Houseman again--well, first--and posted President Bush's Veteran's Day Proclamation.

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