Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Detective work UPDATED with pix!

Trying to help a guy ID an old shotgun here.

Except I just remembered that you probably can't access it... I'll see if I can copy some of the pics here.

UPDATE:  OK, here are a few of the pics he published. Definitely 19th Century caplock.

Bird (duck? pheasant?)  engraving on trigger guard

Hound engraving on right sideplate.
He says the engraving on the left sideplate is the same.

Liege proofmark stamped inside the forestock

Other markings inside the fore-end
My great-uncle had a large collection of muzzleloading shotguns, and might have been able to identify this as to exactly what day of the century this was finished, who proofed it, and what he was wearing that day.

Obviously, this is only fit to be a wall-hanger, and even for that will need some cleaning up.  But even as a wall-hanger, being able to give more info would be cool.

There are more pic at the original link; you'll need to join Shooter's Northwest, and post a few times in the General Discussion area before you gain access to the Technical fora, though.

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