Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HR822 Passes! UPDATES

Sebastien live blogged the debate here, and has the Final Vote on HR822 there.

Roll Call results here.  My rep, Adam Smith of the Party of Evil, voted yes.  he's a solid B/B+ on gun issues, so not surprising.

Some analysis at No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money: HR 822 Passes The House 272 to 154.  I note that "Sheriff Dave" Reichart, of the Congressional Disrict just to the northeast of me, authored the only amendment which passed.  Reichart established a pattern of the King County Sheriff's Office being pretty good on gun rights, a practice that continues under his successor.  Too bad he's an idiot on economic and environmental issues...

On to the Senate.  Wondering how many Dems will vote "aye", with an eye (heh) to next year's election.

Some speculation on Obama’s position on H.R. 822.  Me, I don't think it'll pass the Senate, and even if it does, I don;t see His Imperial Majesty signing it.

I've been wrong before; this time, I'd be glad...

UPDATE: Waaaah!

UPDATE 2:  Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, holster maker, and bon vivant  Dave Workman has some observations, including how this may shake out in Washington State elections campaigns:  House passes CCW bill as antis plead states' rights - Seattle gun rights |

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