Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Ammo Day is coming!

National Ammo Day, November 19th.
A brief explanation - What is National Ammo Day?

November 19 is National Ammo Day.
It is a nationwide BUYcott of ammunition. You buy ammunition. 100 Rounds a person.

The goals of Ammo Day:
The goal of National Ammo Day is to empty the ammunition from the shelves of your local gun store, sporting goods, or hardware store and put that ammunition in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Make your support of the Second Amendment known--by voting with your dollars!

There are an estimated 75 MILLION gun owners in the United States of America. If each gun owner or Second Amendment supporter buys 100 rounds of ammunition, that’s 7.5 BILLION rounds in the hands of law-abiding citizens!

The gun/ammunition manufacturers have been taking the brunt of all the frivolous lawsuits, trying to put these folks out of business. Well, not if we can help it! And we CAN help it by buying ammunition on November 19!

I usually meet the "100 Round Standard" by buying a brick of .22LR, which is always useful, and has been suggested as post apocalypse barter material. Sometime between now and then I'll do a quick inventory and see what else I need to stock up[ on. Probably 12 gauge shells for the Mossberg, and maybe 20 gauge for Mrs. Drang's Coach gun.

I may stock up early, at the Fun Show a week prior, if I can get it off. Request is in.

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