Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seen & Heard at the Fun Show (Added item)

Czech Mauser 98k for $200.  Not sure offhand if that's a great price, but if I'd had $200, I would at least have asked the guy to remove the cable tie so I could have  inspected the bore and action, and it might have followed me home.
Same guy had German, Turkish, and Yugo Mausers ranging from $235-599.

Finally saw the entire Ka-Bar "Zombie Killer" line up close and personal.  Yes, those green plastic scales really are that bright a green.  The black  replacements would be used, I think, except maybe at a con...

Fudd checking out an AR15 pistol:  "Is there a butt stock?"  Dealer tries to explain the legalities of "Short Barreled Rifles".  I walked away...

Engraved Ruger LCPs?  Really?

Some older guy walked up to one of the table-holders wearing a US Marine Corps cap and wished him a "happy birthday".  (Marine Corps birthday was November 10th, although I probably don't need to explain to anyone reading this blog.)  Chatted a minute or two, then walked up to the G.I. who was leaning on his cane by the restroom doors, waiting for his wife, and said "Tell me about your war."  I'm trying hard to imagine a ruder act I've witnessed in the last year. 

Arrived about 10:30, parking lot looked full.  Fortunately, by that time the early bargain-hunters are leaving, so I got a half decent parking place.  Talking to the lady from Guns 'n' Shizzle Surplus Ammo and Arms,she said that this show was almost as busy as October, which is usually the biggest one of the year.

Someone is making fake Multi-Cam gear.  I won't say it's counterfeit, exactly, 'cause it's a poor copy, obviously not made with fabric by Crye--light brown background instead of "Coyote Tan", which more of a light green--but it tries.  Poorly.

Saw/heard several guys trying to explain to their SOs the purpose behind Picatinney Rails...

Someone was selling GI 20-round AR magazines with Magpul followers.  Wanted to ask what the point was, last I heard, the AR magazine problems necessitating the Magpul no-tilt followers were limited to the (curved)  30 rounders, the 20 round mags are straight,  no problem.
BTW, and FWIW, I have a couple of 20 round mags which "followed me home".  I always liked using them in the field during training, less unwieldy, and it made it easier to pick my rifle out of a rack or stack.  Handy on the range for zeroing, too.

Bunch more tables selling prepping supplies than before.  The Getting Prepped people have a central table now, not sidelined...
(First time we saw them I said to her "Hmmm, six-foot blonde wearing a Blackwater cap, anyone call you 'Tamara'?"  She laughed, so I guess she got it...)

Some "vendor" was"explaining" to a guy and his son that "You can hunt small game with an AR15, but nothing deer size."  Wanted to butt in and say "Well, that depends on the caliber of the AR15", but learned years ago not to argue with Gun Show Commandos.

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