Thursday, November 17, 2011

She's right, you know.

Back in the 90's, I found it difficult to be "active" in the gun rights movement, what with picking up every 18 months, +/-, and moving to Korea, but Tamara captures the mood of what things were like better than anyone--as usual.
View From The Porch: Sea Change.: Unless you were active in the gun rights thing sixteen or seventeen years ago, you really can't grasp how big yesterday was. Picture: It's l...
I guess maybe we got so motivated to fix things because of that. It didn't help that NO hunters, trap & skeet shooters, etc., seemed to be concerned. I dropped several (former) (gun-owning) friends because, when I called them on the "NRA Members=neo-Nazi militia" claim, they doubled down. "OUR guns are just fine, I don't care about anyone else's."

Yeah, funny thing about rights, isn't it? If they don't apply to all, they don't really exist for anyone...

ADDED:  TFL Post in 2010 The Firing Line Forums thread referenced by Tamara in the linked blog post.   This was before I had discovered any online gun forums; in fact, "D.W. Drang" was born in late 2001, specifically to join The Firing Line.  Previously, my online presence was on Fidonet echos or email groups.

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elmo iscariot said...

I wasn't involved at all in the gun culture--I was interested, but was still a decade away from owning my first gun--and I _still_ thought it was inevitable we'd see UK-style gun laws in the US in 25 years or so.

I look back just to before Heller, and our prospects for the future are nearly unrecognizable.

It must be really, really rough for gun-control activists, to have felt so close to victory; to have thought they were getting a slam dunk with the election of a Chicago Democrat to the highest office, and then to end up here in just three years.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be over here crying them a river.