Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Link

At tonight's radio club meeting, someone mentioned that you can still buy ethanol-free gasoline.

Here's a web site with a guide to where you can do so: Ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada

Added link on the right.

Also,'s gas price map.


Anonymous said...

Don Small and Sons CFN cardlock station on C street in Auburn. Cash attendant during the day -- glad I have an account.
It costs a bit more at the pump, but I get 10% or better mileage improvement with it. Those corn squeezins in your gas aren't as energy dense, I don't think.
I like having it in my storage cans, too.
-Erik from Seattle

Drang said...

Driven by there several times--we have a good friend who lives in that neighborhood--and thought it was a commercial, card-only station.

Anonymous said...

Their office is just around the corner on 3rd towards downtown -- go in and apply for an account and get a CFN card and you can use CFN cardlocks wherever.. I've used one in Centralia now, along with this Auburn station. But there's an attendant during business hours who will take cash, as well.
We think it is a noticeable improvement and try hard to avoid the corn fuel now. (Except of course for the kind that lives in the liquor cabinet).
- E from S

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