Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Just finished:  The End Of Sparta, Victor Davis Hanson.  His first novel, opens at the battle of Leuktra, continues through the invasion and conquest of Sparta.  Hanson's narrative style may take some getting used to, it reminds me of the style of Socratic dialogues. 

Also just finished, Colossus, by Niall Ferguson.  A history of the "American Empire."  The first third made me wonder whether I wanted to bother, it seemed pretty standard to me, but after establishing that America is an empire of sorts, even if it has no Emperor, and that it can't really be said to conduct it's business in what might be called the standard Imperial manner, it got interesting.
I especially liked his disposal of the "They hate us because we're there" isolationist arguments.

Currently reading:  A Sailor of Austria by John Biggins, and The War Of The World, by Niall Ferguson. 

I will certainly finish A Sailor of Austria pretty much as soon as I take it up again--Ferguson's book is about 10 times as weighty a tome--and will take up the sequel, The Emperor's Colored Coat How To Be Invisible, by JJ Luna, is also in the queue.  Mrs. Drang has indicated an interest in the latter book, as well.

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