Monday, December 5, 2011

ring ring!

Me: Hello?

VOICE:  Please hold for an important message from Newt Gingrich.

Me: ?

CALLER ID:  "Newt 2012."


Okay, Perry has been performing poorly abysmally, Cain imploded, Bachman's turns out to be a loon, and who knows anything about Santorum and Huntsman?  Sarah's not running, and probably never will, although we can hope.  And Romney may as well BE Obama!  So, yeah, it'll probably be Newt.*


I'm really not happy about it, he has supported Big Government stuff before, and his Contract with America never really panned out.  Plus, frankly, the fact that he's got the biggest brain in the room (although when everybody in the room's a politician that's not necessarily saying a lot) doesn't fill me with confidence.  I know some people think that's great.  I've sen too many really smart people convince themselves that their really stupid ideas were brilliant--and, believe me, you haven't seen really stupid until you've seen MI geek stupid.  (They don't usually get in trouble, but when they do...)

What I'm hoping for is that Gingrich will pick up Perry for his Veep, which will give Perry some experience and polish.

And then, when Palin announces her third party run in 2016, he jumps ship and they destroy both the Party of Evil AND the Party of Stupid.

EDIT:   *Yeah, I forgot Ron Paul.  You know what?  Forget that loon.  Every time he starts making sense, he has to balance it out by being even more clueless about foreign policy than Obama, as unlikely as that sounds.


DaddyBear said...

MI geek stupid.

Heh. I remember a poor drill sergeant who almost had a nervous breakdown after trying to teach a platoon of future MI geeks how to use a claymore mine.

Carl-Bear said...

Some scientists have found a way to clone anal sphincters. I'm sure they can have replacements for the @55h01es already crashing and burning by Nov 2012.