Monday, January 16, 2012

Damned Bureaucrats

People keep asking me why I say plaintively--well, plaintively, for me--that I really want a Toyota Hilux, when I can just get a Toytoa Tacoma, and "it's the same truck."

Well, it's not, Uncle Sugar won't let you import a Toyota Hilux. 

These episodes of Top Gear (seen this evening on BBC America) show why I want one:

The Army bought a bunch of Hiluxes--Hiluxi?--during Desert Storm, and the EPA and DOT combine wouldn't even let the Army bring them back stateside afterwards. Some wound up with US Forces Korea; the MPs at 2nd Division were driving them.

Amazing how fast a turbocharged diesel can go...

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CTone said...

The Hilux is quite popular in Afghanistan, or so I've heard.