Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Further thoughts on Iowa

Over at Tam's.  Read the comments, too.  Ass-you-me'ing you haven't already, not many folks come here that don't go there.  (And I promise not to whinge about the reverse not being true...) 

The way I see it, with those percentages, it is effectively a three-way tie for the GOP position, which is effectively a defeat for the GOP Gentry and their Fair-haired Boy, Romney.

Unfortunately, as Bill Quick has pointed out many times at Daily Pundit, the GOP, AKA The Party Of Stupid, seems bound and determined to serve us up a crap sandwich:  If the Fix is In, it won't matter how many state swing Paul or Santorum, we'll still get Obama Without A Tan.

Which could well be the end of the GOP.

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