Thursday, January 19, 2012

The hits just keep hitting -- UPDATE: HOW LONG CAN YOU TREAD WATER?

Power's out.  Quarter-inch coat of ice everywhere.  Mrs Drang stayed home from work, but "emergency personnel", so need to make the attempt.

UPDATE, next morning:  Roads are a mess, ice and snow and slush.  Fortunately, this weather is keeping the idiots off of them.  For once, the roadsides are not full of cars whose drivers just gave up and walked, and what few of them I saw, were mostly not  SUVs.

I spent half an hour or so scraping clearing ice from cars; I broke my scraper, had to use Mrs. Drang's and the handle end was more useful than the scraping end--I used it to pound on the quarter-inch thick sheet of ice, to break it up.

The "neat old tree" I posted a pic of yesterday took some serious damage. 

The Winter Weather Advisory is still in effect, until 1000, which was extended form 0400, which was extended from...
And there's a Flood Advisory as well, now, for pretty much all of Western Washington from north of Seattle on down to the Columbia.
* The rainfall that is forecast and the snow melt that is possible could drive the skokomish and Chehalis rivers above flood stage between Friday night and Saturday evening. If flooding does occur... it will likely be minor.
* All areas could see excessive surface runoff with ponding of water... ponding around clogged drains or culverts... and/or small streams going over their banks. Worse area flooding could occur in spots... particularly in the areas of deep lowland snow and heavier rain like the southwest interior.
* Snow melting into the soil and the upcoming addition of rainfall will increase the threat of landslides. The USGS Seattle landslide index and the Washington landslide index do not account for snow and snow melt at this time so will likely be lower than they should. {Emphasis added. DWD}
The Chehalis river, especially, is always a concern, and it is quite likely you've seen pictures of it flooding.

We are fine, albeit chilly. Mrs. Drang is staying home from work again, what she was able to accomplish over the last couple of days amounted to a few phone calls verifying that banks and cold storage facilities were either closed or were nuder minimal staffing/operations themselves. Fur persons are confused, of course.

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DaddyBear said...

Damn. Stay safe and keep warm. We lost power about this time last year and it sucked the zub kebir. Hope it doesn't last long.